Success Stories

We are guided by our vision that empowerment of the people will enhance powerful force in meeting common global challenges and opportunities.

The Centre has so many success stories that are in line with the three pillars of the United Nations: peace and security, sustainable development and human rights, out of which are:

i. Observation of elections in the country as a domestic observer

ii. Observation of United Kingdom referendum election of 2016 as International observer

iii. Organisation of seminars, symposia, workshops and orientation programmes

iv. Strong advocacy on Climate change impact as affected other Global Goals.We do the assessment in collaboration with governments in Nigeria and Climate Investment Funds, an arm of World Bank.

v. Attendance of World Bank/IMF Board of Governors’ Meeting where issues that are germane to the growth of the world are discuss

vi. CCDI Designate Representatives are yearly deploy to United Nations in New York, Geneva and Vienna as required by United Nations, they attend sessions and meetingsCCDI works to strengthen and improve the understanding of sustainable development. We achieve this through the engagement of people who share a global mindset and support sustainable development as issue for this generation and generations after.


Season’s Greetings!

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